Having trouble accessing pydio server from outside network

I’m completely new to pydio and have limited knowledge with linux. I am running Ubuntu 18 and pydio home. I installed everything and it all works on my local network, however when I try to access this on a pc outside my network I get 404 Site is not served on this interface (replaced my ip with 0). I have port forwarded 80, 8080, & 443 through google fiber all with no luck. Does anyone know any solutions?

I think I have gotten closer to my issue. My apache is working and I’m able to see the example site. My pydio is working on my local ip address:8080. I just need to know how to link or setup a virtual host for the apache and pydio to work together.

when you installed Cells Home(if i’m not mistaken) what did you fill for the bind and external address ?
and for your case you want to access your pydio outside your network, so you either access it through your public address or you can setup a tunnel to the said port(in this instance cells).
If you’re interested by the tunneling part i can guide you to some of them.

Yes I’m running cells home. My external and bind address are both set to (Is that my problem?) My public address is not directing it back to pydio. I have port forwarded 443,80, and 8080 without any luck. If tunneling works easier I’d like to learn that. I followed this guide https://www.techrepublic.com/article/how-to-install-pydio-cells-on-ubuntu-18-04/ and it worked up until getting public access

but inside your network, you can access to your cells just fine ?
i want to be sure where the issue is located to be able to guide you.