iOS app password prompt not working

Hi there,

I already reported this through the app back in July but I checked with the latest version and the problem remains the same. To give you some context I’m using OTP authentication in the form of user password + OTP. Ie: mypassword123456.
This is working fine using Pydio web interface and it’s also working fine while setting up the account in Pydio iOS app for the first time.
Obviously since the password will be different on every login due the OTP part of the password changing constantly I cannot save the password in the app. So after setting up the account (which works well) the next time the user wants to login he will be asked for the password. And here is the problem, the user is able to enter the password plus the OTP part but then tapping on the OK button does nothing and there is no way to login.

Tried with iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 devices running the latest version of iOS and Pydio app.

Steps to repro:

1- Open Pydio Pro iOS app
2- Add the server account but don’t save the user password so the user will be asked for it on every login.
3- Try to login. The password prompt appears.
4- Enter the user password.
5- After entering the user password tap on the OK button.

Expected behavior: the login is attempted and the user can access the account provided he supplied the right password.

Current behavior: tapping on the OK button in the password prompt seems to do nothing and the login is not attempted.

Pydio server: 8.2.3
iOS version: 12.4.1
Devices: iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2
Pydio Pro iOS version: 2.2.4

Please let me know if you need any further details or information.