Pydio lite on ipad not working

i’m encountering many problems in using pydio lite (ver 2.0.6) on my ipad fleet (ipad air 2 - IOS 11.1.1).

  • l launch the app and then it seems to freeze and do not react for some time: tapping everywhere and everything but nothing happend. After a little while, every tap i have made has effect in a fast forward manner. Seems like a “starting mega lag”.
  • after the initial “lag” the app reactivity is not good and the keyboard in the middle of the screen and doesn’t work, you have to close and reopen the keyboard, tapping the bottom right angle, to be able to write but only if it correctly align on the bottom of the screen.
  • once i setup the account to access my server, i sometimes get authentication error. It seems it doesn’t manage the https certificate. The error in the auth form is “Auth parsing failed”.

Using an ipad air 2 with ios 10.3.3 i don’t have the lags and keyboard problems but still get the “Auth parsing error”

I also have older ipad with the previous pydio app and i don’t have any error with them.

Any help would be really appreciated.


hi @paolo.cosi, we will release a new version next monday, we’ll be happy to get feedback.

Hi Charles,
thanks for the message.

I just installed the new app version (no update available, you have to remove the installed pydio app and reinstall from store - is this the normal behaviour?) and:

  • the app doesn’t start with the initial “megalag” as the previous version. You can immediately proceed with the configuration without any delay.
  • the keyboard appear in the correct position as soon as you select a textbox and no problem with typing anymore.
  • the “auth parsing failed” error is not presented anymore and if the server certificate is not valid (i.e. from Internet it is valid but not from your lan).you can simply proceed and finalize your server configuration declaring you are ok with the certificate issue.

Actually folder navigation seems to proceed smoothly: you can open in viewer mode the file directly with the app and file aren’t downlaod automatically anymore.
I did’t througly tested the app, but just rapidly checked if the problems i got in the previous release were gone, and yes, the new reliase fixed them all.

thank you for your hard work!!

Using iPad Air 2 with IOS 11.2
Pydio app 2.08

Reinstalled several times these last two months but no way to start working with the app.

App freezes at the very first screen where selection of a workspace is required. Only set up and Info buttons (on the top) work.

On this same iPad, but in 2016 with IOS 9 and 10, the app was working fine.

Is the app definitely useless for this IOS version?

Thanks for your reply.

Have you enter the correct email id while accessing the pydio-lite on your iPad check on gmail support whether your email id is proper or not and if there is any fault it will give you the suggestions.