Installation with ports 80 or 443, and anonymous access


Currently installed Pydio on a home lab, running a minimal install of Debian 9 x64, there are the problems I encountered :

  • Can’t use default ports 80 or 443 even with setcap parameters.
  • I wish to disable login feature or simply use an anonymous access, so anyone can do a drag and drop file storage, while keeping one admin panel available with admin login.

I am actually using Pydio Cells and not ajaxplorer.
Maybe there are others ways to achieve what i want in a simpler way.

Thanks for advices.


do you have any other webserver running, such as apache or nginx? they might be using the ports.

You could create a public link to a specific workspace or folder and use it to download/upload view your data.

Nope, no apache2 or Nginx. Theses ports are available, it’s actually a minimal Debian 9 install so there are no services requiring them.

This can be a solution, so anyone in my home family can upload whitout login needs ?
A public link … i’ll look into that.

could check with a getcap, that it for sure enabled for the cells binary?

What do I do with getcap ?
This : getcap 'cap_net_bind_service=+ep' cells

A single getcap does answers with a help answer, so it’s installed.
But on docs it’s setcap and not getcap :

getcap cells is just to make sure that the binary has the capabilities,
now as for your 80 & 443, the issue is on your debian maybe the ports are used for anything else and that’s why cells cannot bind on them.

Sorry if did not give enough details about the getcap.

it should look like this

user1@ubuntu:~$ getcap cells
cells = cap_net_bind_service+ep

That’s correct output.

Problem is solved, i didn’t understand that i had to change 8080 to 443 at the first parameter and not the third one (with ./cells install). xD
I’m looking into making a public folder for anonymous access. :slight_smile:

glad to hear that.

As for the public folder for anonymous access, my trick is to put a share link with r/w rights which will allow anyone that has the link to be able to put data.

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That’s exactly what i wished, to share all the LAN configurations easily.
Just awesome, looking to disable recycle bin. :blush:

Thanks Zayn !

The recycle bin is hidden in the shared folder (or more like, there is none as it is the one of the workspace),
it is located in the workspace so only the admin or users that have access to the web ui will be able to see it.