not starting

Hi everyone,

i have cells running on a Debian GNU/Linux 9 and now after upgrading to 2.1.4, some services won’t start any more.

The only error entry i can found in the logs is:
{“level”:“error”,“ts”:“2020-09-03T13:50:31+02:00”,“logger”:“”,“msg”:"Could not prepare start ",“error”:“timeout”}

Anyone has an idea how i can solve this?

Hello, @DaSouli,

Could you tell me if you are using port 80 or 443 with your Cells; if that is the case did you make sure to setcap your binary sudo setcap 'cap_net_bind_service=+ep' cells.

If you are running Cells with a systemd service, could you “stop” and “start” the service instead of the “restart” directive.

hi @zayn

i use port 443, i also used setcap. cells is running in a screen session, so i just start and stop it as needed.

Hello @DaSouli,

Could you provide me the specs of your server?

By the way would you mind running ps aux | grep and see if you can see the service in the list.