Install instructions not correct

In Installation and configuration for Debian a new user pydio is created. Later the normal logged in user is told to get the installation file with wget and making cells executable together with setcap.

Then one shall su - pydio

Well, if you do so, then also the homedir changes and there is no access any more to cells as it is in homedirectory of the previous logon. you can not sudo for user pydio as it is not in sudoers group. So either go back, move the cells file with sudo to /home/pydio and change ownership or make pydio a member of sudoers.
Please adjust the documentation there…

sorry if it was not clear enough, i will add more details but basically you can omit the create user part, if you want to use your user.

  • create a pydio user and log with him,
  • retrieve the binary (if you are going to use port 80 : 443 you need to setcap either sudo or use a user with root rights)
  • (then with the pydio user (or the user that you want to use) install once (the install will be located in /home/<username>/.config/pydio)
  • then you can log as root user and configure the systemd service. ( don’t forget to add in the conf file the user:group of the user that installed cells)