Custom installation

in the guide over here: there are very little instructions on how to install pydio. The thing it, it says one needs to create a separate user so that it can run internal web server on linux box. I however don’t want that, I already have my own web server (apache2) running, I don’t want another one. Also I have no idea what the install script does. It would be nice to have some custom install guide and some explanation in installation steps.


Hello @Betalord,

If you want to keep your own webserver, one way of doing this would be to add a reverse proxy config on your main webserver (apache2) which will redirect to cells.

You can find more information on apache + cells in our knowledge base,

Hm, OK. A bit complicated, and not well documented. I switched to NextCloud Files in meantime. Thanks for the reply though, might help someone else as well.