Pydio Cells on Shared Hosting

How can I install Pydio Cells in a Shared Hosting?

Hello and welcome, @Fernando_Morais,

it depends on what your provider allows you to control, you need a CLI access and also access to some commands such as:

  • setcap (allow port 80 and 443)
  • systemctl (to control the service)
  • read and write permission to /etc/systemd/system/ to create and edit cells.serivce configuration
  • database access.

Sorry for my dumb question, but is there a setup-file that we can use instead of this complicated new way?
i used to use the old version where we download the files, upload them, go to the url, install, and all is done!
I am using a shared hosting too and I am trying to install Cell in vain!
Can you make things easy for us please ? no everybody is having his own servers or VPS or any prerequisites that is required by you.
Thank you for your understanding.

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Sorry to bring bad news (& don’t shoot the messenger :slight_smile: ) but here it is:

Pydio Cells is no PHP anymore and cannot be installed the old 90’s way by dropping a PHP File on a shared hosting provider.

You know need to be able to:

  • download and start the binary
  • have root / sudo permission to configure it as a service, give permissions to use reserved port 443 and connect to a DB

In the end, the installation is really easy and straight forward but you need to have access to a machine that you kind of control.

If you do not have a dedicated online server, best option is an EC2 instance by amazon or a VPS (virtual private server, that is: a VM on a shared host). This can also be quite cheap as you only need a few gigs of RAM and some place for your files, from our experience it is around 3/4 EUR/USD a month.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for your reply @bsinou :slight_smile:
In order to exist in a market, the provider should take into consideration all possible clients.
I used to have pydio, i really liked it. but the new way of installing is not practical for everybody.
The same is with the new facebook theme:) I don’t like it. Sometimes in order to change for the best, we make the biggest mistake:) Don’t make things hard to your supporter or those who want to install.

I Wish you all the best.

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