Initial setup with lets encrypt can't connect even locally - no errors in log

Ubuntu 22.04 - fresh image - just updates and upgrades.
Installed mariadb version 10.6.11
setup mariadb per cells install instructions
ran ./cells configure as my login - no sudo
used the web install and all went well.
I decided I wanted to use the system so I configured a new site

|0 | httpsNot:// | Lets Encrypt |

I have also tried entering a proxy URL but I don’t need one. That didn’t work either.

In any case once I switch over from the self signed cert to lets encrypt I can’t connect even locally to the server. The real problem is that there are no errors in the log files.

here’s the tls section from pydio.json
“sites”: [
“Binds”: [
“TLSConfig”: {
“LetsEncrypt”: {
“Email”: “”,
“AcceptEULA”: true,
“StagingCA”: true
Without an error I don’t know how to proceed.
What should I do next?

I’ve still got some gateway problems but the certs and keys are working now.
I converted to using certbot to get my certifications just to eliminate one hidden step.

The main thing I did that seemed to help was add two more hosts to the site definition for a total of 3.

  1. Originally the base domain name.
  2. LAN ip address which I believe did the trick - not sure.
  3. prefixed the domain with www in the 3rd entry.

I will leave the setup as custom certs for now until everything else is sorted out.

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