Illegal string offset 'type' when accessing "My Files" - one user

pydio 8.0.1, debian 8 (jessie)

HI Guys

Wondering if you could help, I have 1 standard user who cannot access there “My Files” directory throwing the error Illegal string offset ‘type’.

Obviously had a google and checked their account but not seeing anything out of the ordinary.

The error pops up when loading the directory and once gone I’m able to create new folders and files but they are invisible once created and you try to reload My Files.

I have attached below the error from the logs


Anyone have any idea? Need any logs or more information please let me know?

Kind regards

Hi Dave,
Can you set the server in debug mode (see conf/bootstrap_context.php, look for SERVER_DEBUG) ? The error will come with a full stack trace

I think this topic can be closed now as the user is happy with the resolution. The resolution was in the terminal to create a new folder in “My Files” then move everything in “My Files” into that folder.

I say the user is happy but they’ve lost all their shares, however Charles, i don’t think i can do more testing on this user as they’ve already been inconvenienced enough.

Thanks for taking the time to assist.

ok closing the topic then!