How to update from community edition 8.0 to 8.2.5 last release

After a long struggle with Pydio 6.08 on a Drobo Nas, I was able to successfully build a new box and update and migrate all data to version 8.0…WHEW… what a PITA!!!

OK, so I am in version 8 community edition and I like it a lot thus far.
I wanted to upgrade from current version 8.0.0 to the last version of 8…8.2.5
Upon going into the update section, it shows me the updates, but tells me “You are not allowed to access this resource.”

I assume that is because Pydio turned off the ability to access the version 8 updates section…due to end of life …maybe…???
Or am I doing something else incorrectly? Seems silly you would turn off updating to the safest most stable version that has an update/upgrade path… ( Cells currently does not…also a HUH? )

Ultimately my goal is to upgrade to Cells, but, first things first. 8.0 - 8.2.5

Can anyone lend me some advice, links, downloads, … how do I update from 8.0.0- to -8.2.5?
Thanks in advance for your help.
I have looked around and cannot seem to find any clear answers on a path to complete this.

Jason McCullar

update on 1.26.2020

Seems the update links have been restored.

It now seems that permission to the updates has been removed again?

I successfully updated from 8.0 to 8.2.0.

I can currently proceed no further, as its says “You are not allowed to access this resource.”

Pydio, can you make these resources accessible?

Screenshot attached… 2-24-2020

Updater plugin will replace the source code by new one. It requires read/write permission on source code it is going to change. Please grant read/write permission on source code before click on “start”.

Pydio was kind enough to fix their download issues again…
(Ignore post above for clarity)
I successfully updated to 8.2.5.

Thanks for that Pydio. It is appreciated.

However, I wish you’d quit turning off those permissions on the community editions. Other people need those links active as well. That’s 2 separate times now.

You made 8.2.5 EOL, yet still don’t have full functionality in Cells v2 by your own writings, and no easy upgrade path. I understand that you moved to golang…and I get that there’s not a great way to convert to it, (and I’m excited to see it in action) but it currently isn’t a full replacement for 8.2.5 by your own writings.

Please keep the 8.0 version up and available until at least you have matching functionality and a well tested upgrade path for your users and enough time for them to tackle such a project.

Again thanks for 8.2.5. Pydio changed the way I keep track of records, and changed my life because of it.