Download version 8

Hi All!
I used to love this/the pydio project but this morning I have a problem with the version 7 installed on my server and I just HIT A WALL and I’m thinking of scraping/deleting the hole pydio files and go with something else!
First, I need the pydio 8 files and on sourceforge /projects/ajaxplorer/files/pydio/stable-channel/7.0.0/ it tells me to go here : But this link DOESN’T WORK!

ERROR #403 Forbidden You are not authorized to access this page.

And there is no other place available.
Quick browsing on the docs : it tells the same link!

And everything refers to upgrading to cells 2.0 but you can ONLY do it from version 8! What do you do if you have version7!!!

And then. I tried to log to the forum… What is this email link thing! Can you guys just work like everybody else like it used to be. With my user and password ???

So, My question! Where can I download version 8?

Thanks in advance

Hello @spazio,

You can find all of the Pydio versions (including cells) on our download server,

Thanks Zayn!

The links should be updated on to reflect changes.