Pydio Cells - Can't manage docker install

Hi, I’m new with Pydio. I have minipc on which i wanted to install Pydio Cells in docker way to have some opportunity to learn mostly docker and Pydio would be for my home use. Until somebody answer to try it “no-docker-way” it’s important for me it stay that way.

I have some problems with database becuase it’s on another container than pydio so as i guess there are permissions problems.

Ok, so to the point:
I’m also very fresh to docker actually it’s my first use of docker. My minipc hosts CentOS 8 and has got ip address:

I have pulled images of MariaDB and Pydio/Cells, i tried to do it in that way with Docker-Compose but there is some problem to open a page(it say’s something like : Client has sent request to the server. And nothing more).

So the best point i have reached is in that way:

#docker run --name mariadb_pydio -p 3306:3306 -e MARIADB_ALLOW_EMPTY_ROOT_PASSWORD=yes -d mariadb

#docker run -d -e CELLS_EXTERNAL= -e CELLS_BIND= -p 80:80 pydio/cells

That gives me two containers with corresponding IP’s:

  • pydio :
  • mariadb:

Later i config database:

#create database pydio;
#create user pydio@localhost identified by ‘pydio’;
#GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON cells.* TO ‘pydio’@‘’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘mypass’;

(actually i was using standard taken from internet 4 lines above but at configuration i was getting connection refused so i found somewhere to put that line to make access for pydio to database)

so in pydio configuration page i put address of DB address user and pass. it goes on.


It looks like it cannot read from database user and password values.

Anybody has got any ideas?

P.S. i tried to use --network=host to have same ip for both containers but it can’t expose ports :confused: and that mean i can’t access pydio webpage

Hello @raresz ,

What I can tell is that

If you run your Cells container with this IP, you should be able to access it through, for the database I would suggest that you create a docker network and add both containers to it (which will allow you to not expose the database port) and then access the database with its name.
This is better done with a docker-compose file.

If you have exposed your database you should use the host ip to facilitate the access

But as said above, you should put Pydio and Mariadb on the same docker network interface (docker-compose does it automatically) which will allow you to use the database container name instead of the IP.

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