How to import users and roles from a CSV file with Pydio Cells?

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Hi !

I would like to use the import csv feature to import Users dans Roles in a new pydio cells instance. Its not a migration from pydiov8.
I this feature available in Cells like it was in v8 ?
documentation for v8 :
Pydio | Import users from CSV (Enterprise Distribution)

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Hi @Yvonig and welcome back to the forum.

In Cells, we usually implement a Cells Flow that is used once to process and import users in batch, typically from a CSV files (we have also done SQL Dumps and JSON files).
The feature was already an enterprise only feature in P8 and it is still in Cells. You should contact the support directly if you have a license to get some help.

With home, we have already done such things using the CLI and bash scripts.
cells admin user -h is a good starting point.

I agree with you.