How to Create a Folder without Files s3 Postman

I can create folders but ONLY if I am creating files at the same time. How do I use a PUT request to ONLY create a folder. When I remove the file the folder is instead created as a file.

I can create a folder and file within that folder using the below PUT request.


But when I take out the file named Query.sql instead of a folder being created named ‘FolderHere’ a file is created named ‘FolderHere’. I’m purposely leaving the trailing ‘/’ however this is still creating a file named FolderHere.


I see that the TreeService has a POST /tree/create option. Do I need to use this to create empty folders? My guess is NO as the option to create empty folders seems like it would be available using the s3 API.

Feel free to refer to this SO Post.

Hi @codeNovice ,
to create a folder you must send the following request,
you must do as you know, retrieve the dex token and then send the request


with this body


If you need any help do not hesitate.