Hangs during purge

Ubuntu 16.04
Pydio 8.2

I have the purge routine configured and it runs fine generally, however, if a user is deleted from our Active Directory this seems to affect the purge routine causing it to hang and crash the whole Pydio server. At least, that’s my best guess given the circumstances. Whenever the issue occurs there are logs indicating Pydio can’t access a particular user that it is trying to purge the files out of, and that user is always one I’ve recently deleted from Active Directory, so I assume the two events are related. I basically have to restart the whole server as it seems to lock up the mysql and apache. After a restart, the issue is gone until the next purge.

Strangely, this problem usually resolves itself eventually, as though Pydio eventually figures out the user doesn’t exist and stops trying to purge those files. Maybe it has something to do with caching? I haven’t tried deleting the cache files before purging yet, maybe I’ll give it a try and post back here to let you know.

you have 2 cache one located in <your pydio>/data/cache and then you can do rm -f plugins_*and you also have rm -f i18n/*.

Keep me updated.