Purge not working on NFS mounted drive

I’ve installed pydio 8.0.2 within a linux container (LXC). User login is via LDAP and all users uses the same workspace which is located with NFS.
In the workspace settings I add a purge after 5 days. Then I added a scheduler to purge the files and installed a cronjob:

In the syslogs I see that the cronjob is running:

Apr 4 11:50:01 C-108-cloud CRON[69097]: (www-data) CMD (php /usr/share/pydio/cmd.php -r=ajxp_conf -u=pydio_maintenance -p=*************** -a=scheduler_runAll >> /var/lib/pydio/data/cache/cmd_outputs/cron_commands.log)

In /var/lib/pydio/data/cache/cmd_outputs/cron_commands.log there is:

Current User is 'pydio_maintenance'
Applying action 'scheduler_runAll' on workspace Settings (ajxp_conf)
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><tree ><message type="SUCCESS">Nothing to do</message><reload_instruction object="data" node="" file=""/></tree>

But nothing is deleted. Whats wrong?

it could be rights issue, are you using created user to run pydio or are you running it directly which implies that it’s using the default root user. With containers it’s quite tricky and it can mess up those.
And apache might be launched as root and not as an user which could also cause this.