Grant access to workspaces programatically


I’m using Pydio Community Distribution and I need to grant access to workspaces for user programatically, without be inside Pydio.

Is it possible to do it ?

Which database table should I use to do this?

Hello Andre and welcome in the forum.

Are you trying to do this with Pydio 8 or Pydio Cells?

With Pydio Cells, it is possible using the SDK.
If you try to do so, keep in mind that everything is asynchronous in the backend: don’t expect the modification to be effective immediately upon call return.

Hello Bsinou,

I’m using Pydio 8.

I have a C# application that creates users and workspaces in database Pydio.

However, I need to grant access to workspaces for users programatically.

I tried doing this including data in some database tables, but when I launch the workspace window on Pydio 8, the permissions aren’t configured.