Hey, my company is buying 200 user lics of Connect shortly. We would have bought Enterprise for the MFA, however, the sales rep says it doesn’t support DUO Mobile which is the app we use for this purpose. I wanted to post the request here as a backup to the rep passing it along.

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YES! Please! I’d love to have that feature too! :slight_smile:

I’d even go for supporting any kind of 2FA with TOPT — the mobile version of DUO, besides DUO’s own protocol, will also happily add any other TOPT provider. It’s not the same thing, but better than no 2FA at all.

DUO has released a SDK for Go which should be a breeze to incorporate into the Web version of Cells.

A popular Go library for implementing all 2FA functionality using TOPT/HOTP (including generating fancy QR codes for the mobile applications as well as backup codes) has been developed on GitHub - pquerna/otp: TOTP library for Go (it’s currently being actively maintained). This allows even simple Go web apps to include 2FA — not exactly like DUO, of course, but much better than nothing at all.

Perhaps this can be added as an official feature request?

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