Allow users to signup and create an account in cells


Any plans to allow end-users to create an account in cells? Using a signup button, for example? Would be cool, perhaps allow admins to approve/deny the signup requests, and perhaps only allow signups from certain approved ip ranges…?

Hi @ginawu45 we still have some work to do to make the OpenIDConnect integration more standard (and actually turn Cells into an “independant” identity provider). This would go along with it. So basically, we can put it in the roadmap, but don’t expect too early :slight_smile:

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Hi charles,
OpenID Connect compatibilty is really great, however, in another thread I learned that this is a ED-only feature, like the ldap connectivity.
This basically means for us that we can use old-style pydio (8), but have to look elsewhere for a viable forward path, as we really cannot afford 5000 euro (i think) yearly, and old-style pydio’s future is a question mark.

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