Can't generate image thumbs

On my intallation [Pydio Cells Home Edition (1.2.5)] runnig on docker [image:pydio/cells:latest] I can’t get image thumbnails… Searching on browser console I found that there are some error 404.

A sample calls is something like this.
What does it mean “The specified key does not exist.” that I got in the response?

could you tell me your setup,
do you have volumes and how did you upload your data.

Hi zayn, tnx for your replay!
This is my docker-compose file

All data was uploaded via FTP (pure-ftpd container).

Both pure-ftpd and cells containers run as the same user (1000) and the user has permissions and ownership on ./data folder.

ok i think i see why,
when you are not uploading data with the cells interface you will have to launch manually the synchronization process which is required to have the files display on the cells interface, to have thumbnails and for them to get indexed.

One way to do that is using the button,

but you could also make an api call to launch the sync job, (you could make a script so that after every ftp upload the sync process is launched)

I did what you told me. But the thumbs folder is still empty… Schermata%20del%202019-01-31%2012-58-16

What I noticed is that minio has indexed the buckets:!

inside the folder I can se fs.json:
“version”: “1.0.2”,
“checksum”: {
“algorithm”: “”,
“blocksize”: 0,
“hashes”: null
“meta”: {
“content-type”: “image/jpeg”,
“etag”: “93e916f7b718fff9385486e07831fe17”

could you try for instance to move your data inside a newly created folder, to see if it generates the thumbs?

I tried myself and when i moved my files from the fs and launched the sync job, the thumbs got generated.

edit: could you also look at the logs after you launched the sync job, i want to see what happens.

Logs are always usefull!!! I think the problems are:

Level : error
Logger : pydio.grpc.tasks
Msg : cannot run action actions.cmd.resync: {"id":"go.micro.client","code":408,"detail":"context deadline exceeded","status":"Request Timeout"}

Level : error
Logger : pydio.grpc.tasks
Msg : cannot run action actions.cmd.resync: context deadline exceeded
RemoteAddress :,
UserAgent : Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux x86_64; rv:65.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/65.0
HttpProtocol : HTTP/1.1

could you make sure that your datasource peer address is the same as your container ip address?

Yes, the ip is the same. Some how, I sow, for some file the thumbnail was generated after many “re-syncronize”. But only few. I have 1972 thumbs for 34182 files (shared on 824 folders). There is a way to force the generation of missing thumbs?

the only way would be to trigger the thumbnail service and for that the data must either be renamed or reuploaded (which is not really fun) you can trick the upload part by moving the data outside the datasource, then you clear the thumbnail folder, launch a sync so that the data disappears from the interface, then move back the data and start a new sync process.
For the moment moving data without using the cells interface requires some steps, in the future we will provide a way to trigger all the service manually for people that are moving data directly on the file system.