Fail loading PDF Files


Hello again!
I try pydio cell with a lot of files (more than 750000) and i have problems creating on the sync of my workspace, whe i load a pdf file i cant see or download it, and i have this

I dont know if i have problems with the encoding of the files or whats happen…

Frequently i see the erro “Error while creating file …”

This is a example log

{“level”:“error”,“ts”:“2019-04-10T02:40:59Z”,“logger”:“”,“msg”:“Error while creating file - workspace/directory/directory/directory/file.pdf - “,“LogType”:“tasks”,“SpanRootUuid”:“1c99669c-5af2-11e9-bb95-020d4d16453e”,“SpanParentUuid”:“1c99669c-5af2-11e9-bb95-020d4d16453e”,“SpanUuid”:“f12ba86b-5af2-11e9-bad2-020d4d16453e”,“OperationUuid”:“resync-ds-certificados-6a0f0b23”,“UserName”:“global”,“UserUuid”:“49bad9d6-3da8-4f51-be8e-c6572ced8559”,“GroupPath”:”/”,“Profile”:“admin”,“Roles”:“ROOT_GROUP,ADMINS,ADMINS,49bad9d6-3da8-4f51-be8e-c6572ced8559”}

Any one know whats happen?
I need configure my enconding?

Thanks again for your support!


could you run a resync of the datasource + a reindexation (you can find the task in the scheduler),


Hi, this didnt work…

I see this error into the pdf file
PDF.js v1.1.215 (build: c9a7498)
Mensaje: Unexpected server response (403) while retrieving PDF “

The same PDF on pydio 8 works fine…


¿You solved it?
I has the same problem!!!


Hi guys, did you enable Encryption on this datasource ?


Alsoa if you have 750000 files … you may wait for the very next release, we improved indexation a lot


No, i dont have enabled the encryption on the datasource…

When will be available the next release???

We can do a upgrade?


Upgrade can be done when it’s available in the Settings Console. After downloading the binary, you’ll have to restart. We will release today.


Charles, thanks for your help…
I update my pydio cells but the pdf viewer problem persist…
I resync the workspace and sincronize the files on scheduler…
But, i can’t preview or download my pdf files…
I see the red bar on the top of the file with the same error message…



Hi, does the simple download of the PDF work? Preview of images? If it’s just a problem with pdf viewer, what’s your browser? OS ?



No, the download of the file dosen’t work…
I can preview some pdf and images… On my server i use Centos 7, for my workstation i use several SO Window 10, Debian, Fedora borwsing with Chrome, FireFox or Opera…
I can download the folder which contents the file, and when i do it the file works Ok… The problem is only if i access some files directly…
Thanks again for your support


I have not been able to identify the problem… And is a hugh problem… I can’t preview or download a lot of files… You recommend me back to Pydio 8???