Enabling "Download All" for public shares

On a fresh install of Pydio 8.0.2
I would like to display the “Download All” button in the minisite when sharing folders publicly. I know the option existed in Pydio 7- but I’m a bit lost with the new version, I apologize.

I fiddled with allowed actions for user roles (especially “Minisite user”) but this doesn’t seem to be the right way.

hi, fiddling with the Minisite role should be the way indeed, however it is duplicated when you create a minisite, so changes will not work on the existing ones. Did you try with a new minisite?

When you say “create a minisite”, am I correct to assume (I am unfortunately not 100% sure what a minisite exactly is), that this should automatically be done when creating a new public share?

If so, that didn’t seem to work :frowning:

I am also having this issue. I’ve reshared the folders and files but it stop requires me to Ctrl+select each file and then I can click download and it downloads a zip. I’d really like to know how to add the download all button. I’ve tried many combinations with no success.