Display number of files inside folder

Hi there. I’m starting with Pydio.

So, yesterday i uploaded a massive backup i had to my Pydio server.
But i cant firgure out if all files are sent.
I’m looking somewhere that inform the number of files in the server, or in the folder, so i can check with the original backup.
PydioSync client is not working in my Windows either, so i uploaded via browser.

Theres a place in dash or somewhere i can find this file count?
Or somehow i can display the number next to the folder name, or something like that?


Version 8.2.2 - 2018-10-10
PHP 7.2

there’s really not a way for that, you could check on your filesystem directly and use a command such as ls | wc -l inside the folder where your documents are, if they are located inside folders too then this command should do the trick find DIR_NAME -type f | wc -l, don’t forget to count -1 for the .htaccess file.

Hi zayn.

Thanks for the help.
I tought it could be a way via ssh, i just didnt know the command.
Apparently its missing some files hahaha