Default datastore on S3

Hi there,

I’m really keen to be able to programmatically set my default datastore to be S3, preferably before any logins occur etc. It isn’t clear to me that this is possible or intended, can somebody clarify whether or not it should be possible and whether or not there is any prospect of it being eg an option in the default container?

It’d be great to have a nearly stateless setup that could be recreated with just config and secrets!

what do you mean by that, you want the default datasources to all s3 by default ?

I am trying to not store any data on the server itself, and use s3 instead.

you can remove them from the pydio.json file config, before starting your cells for instance.
If you know how to create your s3 datasource you can also put it by default on the file.

Oh, that is great. Thanks!

You can also make that the default workspaces are used by your s3 datasource,
if you can install a 2nd cells and create the S3 datasource with the GUI then check the pydio.json to know how the config is done so that you can do the same on your main installation.