Create own Widget

Hello there,

I have a general question, is it possible to create your own “widget”. By widget I mean for example the small window “File Info”. We would like to have a widget in which the copyright information can be added. So Per image that allow input. A kind of form template, with a corresponding input field behind it. Is there already a plugin for it? Or can we create it ourselves and how?

Alternatively we could imagine adding the corresponding data in the “File Info” window if that is possible.

We are using the Version 8.2.2

Thank you

i would suggest you to use the metadatas for this purpose (you can create your copyright metadata).

It is possible to create or modify the current plugin to always display copyrights but it’s complicated, it requiers you to modify Js code(so have knowledge on this) make sure that it uses the right methods to not overlap the current UI, XML files and then recompile all of that.

if you have more questions or you are looking for more details, you can ask away.