Custom disclaimer on single folders

Hi, in relation to this topic on the old forum, is it possibile to have this custom disclaimer?

Thanks in advice

What kind of customization ? the content or the behaviors of this plugins ?

Maybe both. I would be able to set a custom disclaimer on the folders I choose that should be visible on top, before the file list

hi, no there is not such a feature for the moment. Maybe you can use metadata to add some comments on the folder?

Do you mean using the tag field of metadata? It seems a bit limited as I can’t use html or line breaks, is it possible to develop a plugin for that?
Also, as described in the post linked above, I’d need to set an expiration date to a folder without have to use the share option because it doesn’t have to be public, can this be achieved by a plugin?

You could develop a plugin that will be a hard path probably. This could basically be similar to the meta.user plugin, storing folder info as metadata, and JS providing a panel to be inserted in the InfoPanel. Again, not really easy.
Regarding the expiration date, do you mean an expiration of the access, or a deletion of this folder? The first case cannot be undone unless sharing. In the latter case, that would be setting up a PURGE in the workspace, that would e.g. delete files that are more than X days old.

Could you look into the developing of this plugin and send me a quotation in pvt if it’s possible please?

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