lost password user pydio to access mysql

I have the following case, I entered the pydio web area with the admin user and I changed the password to connect to the mysql database, forgetting it, the DB user is pydio. now the web page no longer allows me to log in by returning the error “Access denied for user ‘pydio’ @ ‘%’ to database”. I have the possibility to access the database using phpmyadmin but I wouldn’t know how to resolve it from DB. What is the solution without losing data?
thank you all for your help.


  • To change the db connection, you can edit data/plugins/boot.conf/bootstrap.json file
  • Admin password can be replaced by a md5 string in “password” col of ajxp_users table.
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thanks, I entered the correct password in the bootstrap.json file but now I have an empty index on my_ip / pydio web page.
Reading the log file that I find in the data / log report WARNING shared AuthService Login failed user = admin; error = Invalid user

are there any other logs I can look at?

I correct myself, I see the login page but I don’t go in with any user because I blocked them, including the admin user. Pydio not allow any account