Collabora Plugin

Greetings, after follow all the steps I have a functional Pydio Community Edition 8.2.1 installation and a functional Collabora Online installation, but now I can’t find the Colabora Plugin in Pydio, (I checked Editors Folder and every folder) there´s any restriction of this plugin for Community Edition?, can I install it? and if its possible, how do I install it?

Thank for your help.

the collabora plugin should be found in Available Plugins > Editors > collabora online, if you still didn’t find it you can ping me in this post and i will give you screenshots illustrating that.

thank for your answer I already look in Editors Folder and the plugin doesn’t appear I let you my screenshot

if you scroll down it should be on underneath as seen in my screenshot

thank for your help, i install from repositories, and I don’t know why I don’t have those files, finally I download the zip and copy the plugins files

Thanks again

i was mistaken i thought that you installed via the file on our site, i’m sorry if i knew i could"ve guide you to that.