[SOLVED] Collabora Online Installation

Hello. I am trying to install Collabora Online (CODE) to work with Pydio Cells Home Edition (1.6.1). I am trying to follow the instructions here: https://pydio.com/en/docs/cells/v1/collabora-online

When I get to the ‘Configure Pydio Plugin to connect to CODE’ section, I can’t find Settings > All Plugins > Features Plugins > Editors in the Pydio Cells screens.

Does the Settings menu exist in this version of Pydio Cells? If so, could someone be kind enough to tell me how I access it? If not, is there another way to connect to Collabora Online from this version of Pydio Cells?

Any help would be much appreciated.

OK, I’ve found where I went wrong. I needed to go to the ‘Cells Console’ and then click on ‘All Plugins’ in the ‘Application Parameters’ section of the menu on the left-hand side of the screen. Then I could enable the ‘Collabora Online’ plugin and set the attributes for it.

I’m impressed with the ease of set up. Thank you to the Pydio team :grinning: