Collaboration in work

Do you know the plugin or software on Pydio so you can edit Office documents online while still allowing collaboration?

the plugin is named Collabora Online you can find and enable it go to All Plugins > Available Plugins > Editors, and to set it up here’s our admin guide.

Zayn, may you explain me why the installation of collabora using docker is suggested over the native one ?
Having to do with several lxc containers I found docker extremely hard to setup and keep updated.
The native installation of collabora using the appropriate tools of each single distribution works like a charm.
(After spending few minutes to setup the ssl certs and the fonts).

actually the docker installation is suggested over the native one because docker is easier to use,
of course when you don’t really know docker it can be pretty hard but when you’re familiar with it, it’s pretty easy to deploy.
My advice would be to use what you’re the most comfortable with as it’s your setup and your choices.
We put docker because it’s easier to use on any platform as there’s a lot of different configuration whether you’re on this OS or on that OS.

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Thanks for your reply… I will give docker a try next time I will deal with a physical server.
I will stick on native install as long I will deal with lxc containers.
Btw the native install now is very easy on centos/ubuntu/opensuse distros.
Maybe I will write a wiki page about native install at least for ubuntu and centos servers.
There are only two small hints to have native install up and running…