Collabora don't work with Mikrotik router

We have old Cisco RV320 router ant want to change it.
I’ve configured new Mikrotik router with all needed NAT rules to 443, 8090 and 9980 from WAN to local Pydio server IP. Pydio server works fine except Collabora editor. The Collabora iFrame opens and then is nothing. When i reconnect old Cisco RV320 back - Collabora working just fine.
I see from Mikrotik that no NAT rule hits happens on port 9980! How come? I’m completely lost…
P.S. I try even disable firewall on Microtik - nu luck.

Can anyone advise me what i am missing? Local Pydio server IP is Docker IP is and Collabora container IP




If you are running collabora in docker, 9980 is not required to be opened on external port of firewall. The reverse proxy summarize the traffic to 443 (for http and websocket).

[docker collabora] (9980) <----------------.-- [reverse proxy] (443, 8090) <-- client
                      /\                   |
                      ||                   |
                      ||                   |
                    [Pydio] (80, 8090) <---|

So please try to turn chrome in dev mode, and open collabora, then post the error in “console” tab.