Turkish language characters not displayed properly

I have a few users who would like the Pydio interface in Turkish language. However, the Turkish alphabet characters appear as HTML encoded rather than how they should. All other language characters appear to work fine, this is only impacting Turkish for some reason. To be clear, this is a European installation where many languages need to be used, based on user preference.

There is no upgrade available and I have searched forum for other similar issues but find none.

Link to screenshot: Imgur screenshot of issue

I have attempted to change various language codes in conf/bootstrap_conf.php without success

Please provide the following tags: install / upgrade, package type, server OS, pydio version
Method: upgrade to 8
Package type: debian
Server OS: debian
PHP version: 5.6.30 on apache
Pydio version: 8.0.1 2017-06-08

On debian, did you try to generate with locale
locale-gen tr_TR.UTF-8

then set charset tr_TR.UTF-8 in bootstrap_conf.php

Try to restart apache => test

Thanks for the reply. I have tried this as well, restarted apache, still no luck. I feel it is something very simple, I just do not know where to look or what else to do.

Also I noticed there is a reference to enconding.php in bootstrap_context.php

}else if(file_exists(AJXP_DATA_PATH."/plugins/boot.conf/encoding.php")){

But encoding.php is no longer in the code base that I know of. I don’t think the above branch is executed in my case because I have AJXP_LOCALE defined, but it still looks odd to me.