Changed Server URL - No Access to Pydio / White Page (old No-Database-Setup)

I have an old 6**? Version of Pydio running. It’s a non-recommended-but-working No-Database-Setup.
I made a change in the Server URL under main options, what was wrong, and now i do not get access to pydio again. I only get a white page. In the older forum I found a tip from Charles (

a radical but simple way is to simple delete the core.ajaxplorer line inside table ajxp_plugin_configs, then clear the plugin cache. It will revert the “Pydio Main Options” to their default value. Would that be an option?

But what to do in the Non-Database-Setup?
Need help,


NonDB setup is no longer supported in Pydio >=7 .
You should request for a migration service