CellsSync only add folder but no file uploaded

Server (empty)
OS: win10
Pydio: 3.0.1
IP Port:
Exteral Port: XXXdomain: 33333
Sync Folder: Keep data structure

Client (files)
OS: win7
CellsSync: 0.9.2

Hosts setup on both side: www.bbb.com
(file: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts )

  1. Actually server & client in the same network, I can run sync perfectly via Exteral Domain/Port.

  2. But when I do the sync directly within local network (via www.bbb.com), only folder added to server, no file uploaded.

  3. And if I login via server ip:, I got “cannot connect to discovery endpoint: Get x509: certificate is valid for, ::1,, not” when I select server path during task creating.

Certificate Info ( certificate key installed on both pc, browser shows correct https site )

Now, 3 ways: external domain name, local domain name, local ip.
only the first one works properly.

I think sync within local network means faster, so what I did wrong or something more I need to do ?

Hello @lex ,

the error points to an issue with the certificate, maybe on your internal network you might be using a self-signed certificate which cells-sync does not know, you could add the root ca to the machine using cells-sync.

  • retrieve the root ca of your cells-server
  • add it to the certificates of your machine running cells-sync.