Cells Sync does not work

I want to set up a sync between a pc and my Cells 3.0 server. But it does not work :sweat_smile:.
To begin, Cells 3.0 is installed on an ubuntu 20.04 in a Proxmox container. With Apache / MySQL. After my various tests, here is the configuration of the sites :

| # |          BIND(S)           |     TLS     | EXTERNAL URL |
| 0 | https://pydio.local:8443   | Self-signed |              |
| 1 | | Self-signed |              |
| 2 | http://pydio.local:8080      | No Tls      |              |

I am using Cells Sync 0.9.2. And when I want to sync a folder, I can’t (invalid certificate) :

So I tried in http, but the authentication part does not work (when I have the redirection on the web page, I am automatically disconnected) (with an error in the logs) :

2021-11-07T22:21:54.585+0100   ERROR   pydio.rest.frontend     Rest Error 401  {"error": "{\"id\":\"login.failed\",\"code\":401,\"detail\":\"Login failed\",\"status\":\"Unauthorized\"}"}   

I tried installing a Let’s encrypt certificate, but it didn’t work. But is it possible to make the sync work with a self-signed certificate or in http ?

Many thanks,

Hi, what’s the OS on the cells-sync side ?
When using self-signed, you would have to grab the generated root CA (under cells WORKING_DIR/certs) and install it on your client machine.
Better is to use Let’s Encrypt but you must have a proper domain name!

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Client is Windows 10.
After a few tests, it works !
It was a small thing, but just that I didn’t know how to do it.

Thank you very much for your reactivity and your help.