Cells Sync: Error: "Access Denied."

I am running:

  • Client OS : Linux Debian/bullseye (Debian 11)
  • Client version: cells-sync v0.9.2
  • Pydio Server OS and version: Debian/bullseye + Docker with Pydio Cells v3.0.5 (pydio/cells:3.0.5)
  • It’s a synchronization process issue

I encountered this problem:

2022-04-04T17:10:12.464+0200    ERROR   sync-task       Error while transferring file   {"NodePath": "oebm/Intervision/Intervision_Edelmann-Beratung.pdf", "target": "https://archiv.example.com/lw"}
2022-04-04T17:10:12.464+0200    ERROR   sync-task       Status: Error while transferring file (Access Denied.) - retrying...
2022-04-04T17:10:17.885+0200    INFO    sync-task       Transferred file        {"NodePath": "oebm/Intervision/Intervision_Edelmann-Beratung.pdf", "target": "https://archiv.example.com/lw"}
2022-04-04T17:10:17.885+0200    ERROR   sync-task       Patch ended with errors {"count": 2}
2022-04-04T17:10:17.886+0200    ERROR   sync-task       --- Error       {"error": "Access Denied.", "target": "https://archiv.example.com/lw"}
2022-04-04T17:10:17.886+0200    ERROR   sync-task       --- Error       {"error": "Access Denied.", "target": "https://archiv.example.com/lw"}
2022-04-04T17:10:17.892+0200    INFO    sync-task       Got Stats for fs:///home/jkirk/Documents/lw     {"stats": {"HasChildrenInfo":true,"HasSizeInfo":true,"Size":5558662913,"Folders":191,"Files":2798}}
2022-04-04T17:10:17.922+0200    INFO    sync-task       Got Stats for https://archiv.example.com/lw {"stats": {"HasChildrenInfo":true,"HasSizeInfo":true,"Size":5555789200,"Folders":170,"Files":2736}}
2022-04-04T17:10:17.922+0200    INFO    sync-task       Stats after running patch
2022-04-04T17:10:17.922+0200    ERROR   sync-task       Processing ended with 2 errors!

Cells-Sync remains in an error state:

The file got uploaded (I can see and access it on the server) and the file in question is only 24k.

There is a similar problem, but there the webfronted seems to be used whereas we use the Cells-Sync client:

Do you have a reverse-proxy of some sorts in front of Cells ?

Yes, I am running Cells behind an Apache reverse proxy.

@charles Is that a problem? Should I avoid that?