Cells-sync to remote client from linux fails

I’m currently using a pydio login to a work-based server. I have the login credentials and I can login via web browser. However, I wanted something different in order to sync files w/ another developer team.

I tried cell-sync start earlier. I got connection refused plus some (I can’t recall exactly) other errors. I thought I’d take another swipe at it tonight. I have the latest 0.9 binary.

I cleaned out all the pydio configuration folders I could find and attempted to restart. I now get an error in the desktop client saying I was being “redirected”. I can open the http://localhost page manually. But no matter the step to try (adding task et al), pydio cells-sync just doesn’t want to cooperate. Not a server issue.

I’m missing something in running the cells-sync client. Things to try or other docs would be most useful, please?

Hi @digifuzzy - sorry for the late reply.
./cells-sync start should be the way to go indeed. However, the errors you describe are not very clear. Can you may be post a couple of screenshots? Just to make sure, your server is Pydio Cells, not Pydio 8 (php version) ?

@charles - no worries on timeliness, it happens to all of us at some point.
I just had another look at the about screen of the remote and I suspect I’m logging into a php community version. That’s why cells-sync isn’t working…not the right server.

Thanks for getting back to me.

…and disappointingly…
No Linux version available. ;(

sorry … it’s getting to hard to maintain so many versions …

Understandable and unfortunate.
I wanted to use a desktop client to see if I could workaround a problem I was encountering with uploading a large sized file via the web interface.