Cells configure --yaml

Looking to see if there has been any progress on the yaml/json install method for pydio cells.

Following the examples in the git repo:

It is a good start and gets cells into a minimum install state. But is there any progress to do a complete silent install?

Would like to see the ability to configure the following:

  • Inserting license key.
  • Adding datasources [such as s3 sources].
  • Setting default internal storage/file locations of system.
  • log configuring.
  • Adding enterprise feature configurations like AD/LDAP/OAUTH2/OIDC.
  • Set/Import encryption keys.
  • Set SMTP settings.
  • Set defaults for the application parameter (seen in the Main Settings, Advanced Settings, Appearance

Hello @nearchos, welcome to the forum.

Sorry for the late answer, the year is starting very fast here at Pydio.

About your question, there isn’t yet an official documentation for the automated install, if you feel like contributing, you might start a document to gather what you learn and we can use this as a starting point for a future documentation.

A few hints though:

  • log configuring: log level and format can be configured using ENV_PARAM. A good starting point for this is to check the inline doc: cells start --help. You might have a look at the --log --log_json --log_to_file flags and their corresponding ENV (e.g: CELLS_LOG_JSON)

  • Inserting license key can be one by either mounting your license file to the correct place in your container, or using the licensestring prop in your yaml install configuration.

  • More generally speaking, in addition to the samples that are under cmd/sampleconf folder, you might have a look at the source API file that define the main properties that are supported at installation there: cells/install.pb.go at 761b6bce480f827226a8bf52ea0c3c0cbe72bf0c · pydio/cells · GitHub

  • The new feature we recently added is to set any property that is in the main pydio.json file during install by adding a custom config section, for instance:

## Custom configuration sample
  # Custom title
  frontend/plugin/core.pydio/APPLICATION_TITLE: Cells v3
  # Enable and configure OnlyOffice plugin
  frontend/plugin/editor.onlyoffice/ONLYOFFICE_HOST: office
  frontend/plugin/editor.onlyoffice/ONLYOFFICE_PORT: 80
  frontend/plugin/editor.onlyoffice/PYDIO_PLUGIN_ENABLED: true
  # Enable advanced search engine
  services/pydio.grpc.search/indexContent: true
  • For enterprise feature, my advice would be to directly contact the support, and explain your precise use case, you will get a more specific answer this way.

And to finish with the a touch of optimism, we are currently working hard on migrating the full app to Go Modules (for Cells v4), that is the last stone that blocks the road for next level HA deployment of Cells. That will arrive soon and we will then focus more on your kind of problematic…

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