Cells Client Scheduler

Is there an available scheduler for cells client? Or is Cells client capable of copying only recently modified files in the workspace? I have this setup where a workspace gets populated from time to time. On a separate machine, the client needs to download files from said workspace which has 35k images in it. I do not want to download all these files over again whenever I added a couple of files. So Is there a way I can download only recently modified files? I have tried CRON with cec scp but there will be a performance issue since the server is on prem and the client in on cloud.

By the way, both machines are running on Debian 11.

Cells Home Edition version 3.0.7
Cells Client Version 2.2.0


Not out of the box. But if you know how to code, it should be pretty easy to directly use the SDK to send a request to the server via the API to retrieve a list of recently modified files,
You can then use the cec to download them.

Thank you bsinou.

I have limited coding knowledge and though I do some shell scripting on the side, I can say that I’m below of an average user. So maybe you can enlighten me more on this? It will be really helpful. Thank you and regards.

Hi @Odz may i suggest using cells-sync instead ?

Hi @charles I already considered using this but I believe this doesn’t have the capability to work on a CLI only environment since it doesn’t have the client authentication option and setting the source and target directories. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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