Can Pydio-cells co-reside with samba4 AD


I have Pydio cells 1.6.1 working well on an AWS Ubuntu18 server with Collabora too, I think this is an excellent project and tool.

I also have in a Virtual data centre a Centos7 server with Samba4 as Active directory sharing files to a Windows 2016 RDS on the same VDC.

My original plan was to have the Pydio cells acting as a web file service synced with the Samba4 file share so that users would have web access and editing capabilities even if the Windows RDS server failed. All sounds good until I realized that I should have read the Forum where it says that the sync agent doesn’t work yet for Linux/Windows so my plans have been truncated a little.

My questions are:

  1. Could I install Pydio cells on the same samba server acessing the same files?
  2. Would the sync data in the .pydio files disturb the functioning of samba or vice versa?
  3. Am I asking for trouble etc…

Any comments are welcome

Regards Mark


  1. Not recommended. Instead, you can mount samba share on Cells machine
  2. .pydio does not disturb the functioning of samba