Working with MS Office files

Using Pydio v8

Like many of us, we are interested in making our Pydio Server a collaborative solutions. That means : being able to work on MS Office Document directly from a Pydio session.
I know there’s collabora (and that’s cool) but we’re working with Excel power-users and I fear that it won’t be good enough for most of us.
At the moment, the only solution I have is to map a Samba server on top of the document folder (internal use only).
My questions :

  • is the samba trick ok ? Have you seen this setup before ? Could this break something in Pydio ? Compatibility with Cells ?
  • Should we do this the other way round ? Setup a samba server and add a Pydiosync agent on top of it ? Can it handle 1 millions files smoothly ?
  • There’s also Webdav, but it doesn’t seem very convincing (slow, creds management, …)
  • Any other option ?


  • Mapping samba on top of document folder does not break anything in Pydio.
  • Pydio sync is not good idea in case of 1 millions files workspace