Bug in LDAP Authentication = Parentheses not allowed in group names

This seems to be a ongoing bug using LDAP authentication and having parentheses in the group name containing the user you are trying to bind to. I am using Community Edition 8.. The bug seems to have persisted through all version of 8. including the latest 8.2.5 that I’m currently running. Example:

This works:
CN=LDAPUser,OU=Service Accounts,DC=Domain,DC=Local

This does NOT work:
CN=LDAPUser,OU=Service Accounts (Local),DC=Domain,DC=Local

We are using Server 2012 R2 for both the host server (IIS) and the domain controller. I tested multiple variations of the above and it consistantly fails with a parentheses in the OU name.

I’ll reproduce and be back.

Hi, do you mean delegated user who have permission to connect to ldap & make queries ?

Ahh, sorry. understood. User can’t login