Bounty - Theming (documentation)

Hello @all,

we would like to adjust the design (images, colors and logos) of our Pydio 8 installation. As we are not very familiar with the pydio source and the doc on theming is little, we would like to offer a bounty / request if someone is interested / has the time to create a documentation where and how these settings have to be changed.

Any ideas on improving the docs on theming Pydio is welcome, too.

Best greets,

Mario Minati

you should go have a look at All Plugins > Available Plugins > Graphical User Interface > Client Plugin you can here change some of the logos, backgrounds i don’t know if it helps you about what you’re looking for.

Hello zayn,

I found that, but there are many questions on how to customize:

  • min / max / recommended sizes for the different images and logos (may be just the current sizes)
  • how to change colors (background / text) of different elements
  • how to avoid recompiling the whole project and just to create a theme with the desired settings
  • how to make it save against updates (if possible)