API v2 to collect users and groups at root level

How do I collect a list of group and user ids at the root level of my Groups and Users tree using API v2?

We have a pydio 8 server at
thiswebsite . com

My admins have given me a sub-site at
thiswebsite . com/mysite

I am able to use the v2 API for just about everything, so:
thiswebsite . com/mysite/api/v2/people/myid

Will properly generate details for my own user account.

Additionally this url:
thiswebsite . com/mysite/api/v2/people/my_group

Will show me the details for my_group as well as all of the users and rights of those users

I cannot figure out how to make the API query the root of my Users and Group structure. Using either of these URLs:
thiswebsite . com/mysite/api/v2/people/
thiswebsite . com/mysite/api/v2/people

Generates a response of:
Could not find workspace with id/alias v2

I want to use the API to

  1. Starting at the root of Users and Groups, generate a list of all users and the Groups they are in
  2. Generate a list of all workspaces those users have access to, plus the ACL they have for that group

Any direction on how to target the root of Users and Groups?