API v2 - Admin provisioning: create user


I’m trying to create a user by the following command:

curl -u admin:password -X POST -F 'resourceType=user' -F 'userPass=password' --url "http://url.it/api/v2/admin/people/group/subgroup/newUser"

curl -u admin:password -X POST --url 'http://url.it/api/v2/admin/people/group/subgroup/newUser?resourceType=user&userPass=password'

with both commands, the answer is always this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><tree ><reload_instruction object="data" node="" file=""/><message type="SUCCESS">Gruppo creato con successo</message></tree>

which means “group created successfully”. Why is the group created instead of the user?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my english ;p

did you use this part of the api.v2 guide ? https://pydio.com/en/pydio-api-v2#!/Provisioning/createPeople

then you should have something that will look like this


thanks for your reply. I’ve run this command now:

After the first command, nothing happen. After the second, “Group succesfully created”…why!? :weary:

Yes it’s a strange behavior i had the same message displaying when i was testing it,
i will ask the devs about it.

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Oh ok, glad to know that.
Do you know if there are other ways to create users via scripts?

no news about this thread?

EDIT: maybe @charles can help me? :pray:


You can also create user from this endpoint.


Pass the Authorization as admin

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Thank you! In this way it works.
Just another question, how can I also pass the group path in which the user will be created?

Thanks again

EDIT: I tried with:
curl http://admin:pass@url.it/api/ajxp_conf/user_update_group/file/group_path+?file=newuser&group_path=%2Fgroup%2Fsubgroup

but return “No users moved. Something went wrong!”. Any ideas?

Hi try this


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Great, it works! :wink: