Collection of Pydio REST API v2 resources

I am in search of all the documentation, resources and info about the Pydio REST API v2. When I Google this kind of info I can’t find a complete list anywhere concerning optional URL parameters, optional headers, and body info.

The Pydio page( has little to no info about this kind of stuff. Other Pydio resources found on Google often lead to a 404.

If anyone has this kind of info and post in this thread it will be more than welcome.

Thank you in advance

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what you can do is look for this file api2.json inside your pydio installation for me it’s this path /var/www/pydio/plugins/core.ajaxplorer/routes/api2.json and then open the file copy all it’s content and paste it here (make sure to clean the default text) and it will show you the api v2 routes.