Allow non-admin users to create users


I know that this subject was raise here but it’s been a while so I"ll try my luck again since the solution given in the post does not work for me.
I would like to give some users the ability to create users and assign them roles without giving them admin rights.
I created a role that has access to the Admin console and an enabled “Create user” parameter. This gives the user the ability to create a new user and throws them out if they try to access another part of the admin console, but immediately logs them out once they save the new user. Is there a way to stop it from logging them out?



Hello @benw

Assigning roles is an admin feature, the feature that you are asking for is a plugin in the “Enterprise Edition” named admin delegation (allowing you to give roles/groups/users access to some admin interfaces).

What you could use but without the right to assign roles would to have your users create shared-users via the address book.

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Thanks for the tip :slight_smile: