Enable some users to create other users?

Is it possible to delegate some administrator permissions to users? I would like to have some users that can create other users (ideally only within a specific group), but it only seems possible to give users the Administrator profile giving access to all settings. Giving the action permission for the Cells Console, or for any other administrator action doesn’t seem to have any affect.

Hello @AJDurant

Short answer is: there only one level of admin for the time being in Pydio Cells. You cannot give restricted administrative to a normal user.

Yet, talking about your specific use case:

That is one of the main reason why we introduced the cells concept. Roughly speaking, cells are only workspaces that are created and shared by normal non admin user, inside existing workspaces in which they have enough permissions.

A normal user can create new cells, define permissions for other groups or users, and even create new shared users that can access this cell.

For the record, a shared user, is a user:

  • that have been (generally) created by a non admin user
  • have limited privileges (for instance she cannot share the cell with others, create new shared user, etc…)

Thanks @bsinou, that actually works really well for my needs, and provides a different but better solution that what I was planning to do (see [Solved] Workspace permission inheritance) as it allows creation of different users who can access the same workspace/cell.

One thing that is slightly annoying is that the external users created are placed in the same group as the user who created them. Being external users means they a prevented from inheriting many of that groups properties, but it would be nice if you could select the group, or an Administrator could force all external users to be created in a specific group / location in the hierarchy.

One possibility is to not use groups at all, but apply the properties using the Standard and External user profiles. This is what I shall probably do for now, but I think the suggestion above may be a useful feature too.