New install - unable to create users

New Ubuntu-based install of community Cells.

When I log in with the admin user account, I can’t see anything that looks like an admin console to add users to Pydio. I can see ways to add users to my account, create teams, etc. But nothing that looks like a way to add users and create a workspace for them. It make me wonder if my admin user has somehow become a regular unprivileged user. Here’s a snapshot of my desktop – am I missing controls??

You will find everything under “Cells Console” … shows up in your menu :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion, however nothing shows up under Cells Console. The page stays on the welcome page, and no modal pops up as the other choices under the hamburger menu result in.

I reinstalled cells multiple times at this point, and I never am able to see a console of any kind. Very frustrating.